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Dantona TOOL-69 TOOL-69 Replacement Battery

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• 14.4V;• NiCd;• Long-lasting;• 2,700mAh;• Rechargeable;• Replacement battery for Makita(R) 4332DWA Power Tools;• Comparable to Lenmar(R) LENPTM1433;• Compatible with BURNDY(R) Crimp Tool, Makita(R) 4332DWA, Makita(R) 4332DZ, Makita(R) 5094DWA, Makita(R) 5094DZ, Makita(R) 5630DWA, Makita(R) 5630DZ, Makita(R) 6233DWAE, Makita(R) 6233DWBE, Makita(R) 6233DWBLE, Makita(R) 6236DWDE, Makita(R) 6333DWAE, Makita(R) 6333DWBE, Makita(R) 6336DWDE, Makita(R) 8433DWDE, Makita(R) JR 140DZ, Makita(R) JR 149DWA, BURNDY(R) BAT-35, Makita(R) 1422, Makita(R) 1433, Makita(R) 1434, Makita(R) 1435, Makita(R) 192600-1, Makita(R) 192699-A, Makita(R) 193158-3 & Makita(R) 193159-1;