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Ultralast CEL-I9300 CEL-I9300 Replacement Battery

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• 3.7V;• Li-Ion;• Long-lasting;• 2,100mAh;• Rechargeable;• Replacement battery for the AT&T(R) Samsung(R) Galaxy 3 Cellular Phone;• Comparable to Lenmar(R) LENCLZ603SG;• Compatible with AT&T(R) Galaxy 3, Samsung(R) Galaxy Axiom, Samsung(R) Galaxy S3, Samsung(R) Galaxy S III, Samsung(R) Galaxy S3 16GB, Samsung(R) Galaxy S3 32GB, Samsung(R) Galaxy S3 64GB, Samsung(R) Galaxy Victory 4G, Samsung(R) Galaxy Victory 4G LTE, Samsung(R) GT-I9300, Samsung(R) GT-I9300 Global, Samsung(R) GT-I9300A, Samsung(R) GT-I9300T, Samsung(R) GT-I9305, Samsung(R) GT-I9308, Samsung(R) SCH-I535, Samsung(R) SCH-R530, Samsung(R) SCH-R530M, Samsung(R) SCH-R830, Samsung(R) SGH-I747, Samsung(R) SGH-I747M, Samsung(R) SGH-T999, Samsung(R) SGH-T999V, Samsung(R) SPH-L300, Samsung(R) SPH-L710, Sprint(R) Galaxy S3, Sprint(R) Galaxy SIII, Sprint(R) SPH-L710, Telstra(R) Galaxy S3, Telstra(R) Galaxy SIII, Telstra(R) GT-I9300T, T-Mobile(R) Galaxy S3, T-Mobile(R) Galaxy S3 LTE, T-Mobile(R) Galaxy SIII, T-Mobile(R) Galaxy SIII LTE, T-Mobile(R) SGH-T999V, Verizon(R) Galaxy S3, Verizon(R) Galaxy SIII, Verizon(R) SCH-I535, Verizon(R) SCH-I535ZBK Samsung(R) EB-L1G6IVA/LLUC, Samsung(R) EB-L1G6LLA, Samsung(R) EB-L1G6LLK, Samsung(R) EB-L1G6LLU, Samsung(R) EB-L1G6LLU/LLUC, Samsung(R) EB-L1G6LLUC, Samsung(R) EB-L1G6LVA, Samsung(R) EB-L1H7LLA, Samsung(R) EB-L1H7LLABXAR & Samsung(R) EB-L1G6LLZ;