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RCA ANT1450B/E Multidirectional Amplified Indoor Flat HDTV Antenna

Pulls in top-rated HDTV network programming & favorite local shows for free with no monthly fee or subscription; Patented, 360deg multidirectional design eliminates need for constant adjustments; Receives UHF & VHF TV broadcasts including 4K & 1080 HDTV for highest-quality picture & sound up to 50 miles from the tower; Advanced SmartBoost(TM) technology amplifies weak signals to deliver the most channels possible while filtering out false signals; Easy to position--lies flat, hangs or stands with included easel stand; Paintable, slim profile blends into surroundings; Great complement to streaming players; Dependable backup television source when storms knock out cable or satellite television; Designed & engineered in the USA; Disclaimer: Reception quality & the channels received are dependent on several factors, including distance from the broadcast towers, broadcast power, line of sight, terrain & other environmental factors. To locate area broadcasting towers, visit rcaantennas.net for a detailed map then choose the antenna that offers the best features & signal reception for site location;